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The Story House: Bookstore on Wheels is committed to sharing a love of literature and reading with children, teens and their families.  Through book fairs, author programs, classes, pop-up events and more, the Story House hopes to deepen the community's love of the literary arts.   

The Story House is housed in a renovated trolley bus.   The trolley was built in 1995 and has previously served as a tour and wedding trolley on the Eastern Shore,upstate New York and Corinth, MS. This cozy, little bookstore visits schools, community events and festivals throughout the DC area.  


Owner Deborah Bodin Cohen

Debbie is an award-winning children's author, rabbi and educator.   She is a Maryland native, but lived in many different places before resettling in the DC area.  Debbie and her husband David, a journalist, are joyfully raising their three children in Rockville.  A rather loud Collie named Indigo completes the family. 


Our Values

The Story House values diversity, excellence, community and partnership.

Diversity: The Story House celebrates Montgomery County’s ethnic, racial, religious and gender diversity in its inventory. The Story House believes in the power of the written word to promote understanding and break down barriers.

Excellence: The Story House seeks to sell the best of children’s and young adult literature, whether from best-selling authors or emerging and local writers, and to sponsor high quality literary events.

Community: The Story House believes that independent bookstores can be a cornerstone in a community, reflecting the community’s values, history and make-up.

Partnership: The Story house seeks to partner with community groups to bring the independent bookstore experience to young people and their families.